Prudent Quality Control

Dial Machine exercises prudent quality assurance principles to ensure an effective process and delivers quality parts that adhere to specifications and exceed expectations. Precise control measurements are obtained through the use of a Starrett HE400 optical inspection system, which evaluates part features and accuracy down to a .00025" threshold. In addition, we utilize the following quality assurance equipment:

Quality Control

  • QUADRA-CHEK 200 System
  • Meyer Gage .061 - .250 Gage Pin Set
  • Meyer Gage .251 - .500 Gage Pin Set
  • Sunnen Precision Hole Gage Model PG-810
  • Sunnen Precision Hole Gage Model PG-800-S
  • Standard Micrometers from 1" to 16" (Accurate to .0001")
  • Plug Gages Ranging from .011" to 2.500"
  • Federal® Pocket Surf Finish Tester
  • Mitutoyo .01 - 450 mm Digital Height Gage
  • Veneer Calipers up to 24"

To complement this equipment, we employ several key tactics to encourage quality, including:

  • Thorough Q.C. process inspection of incoming raw material
  • Best practice written procedures and policies
  • Organized record keeping documenting all phases of manufacturing
  • Analysis of non-conformance root causes
  • Educational and corrective actions to prevent recurrence of non-conformances
  • Regular tool inspection and calibration
  • Separate areas for non-conforming parts

Thorough QC Processes

We adhere to a strict quality control process that includes several distinct steps:

Product InspectionProduct Receipt - involves checking finished components and parts into our QC system to begin the final tracking process

First Inspection - involves pulling first production run pieces from the line to ensure they meet material specifications and dimensions

In-Process Inspection - involves pulling random pieces from the line throughout the run to verify quality and adherence to expectations

Final Inspection - involves using quality control instruments to verify final product meets job requirements

Release - involves packaging, quantity review, assembly certification and final documentation

Inspection and Measurement - our quality control technicians also inspect and measure all materials, perform regular process audits and document results, make suggestions for improvement and serve as a dedicated customer advocate to ensure satisfaction.

Certified and Compliant

Dial is proud to be Mil I 45208A certified and ISO 9002 compliant. From receipt to the first article to in-process to final inspection, our technicians use a variety of standard and precision test instruments to ensure we deliver!

If you would like to learn more about our Quality Control processes or any of our capabilities, call us today at 215-639-7650.